Meters for Liters

Meters for Liters is the weekly run put on by the Notch Brewing Run Club. The Notch Brewing Run Club is for everyone. It is a free, USATF-registered club with 4 weekly group runs that is open to every human and many dogs. We don't care about your pace. There are people who come, week in and week out, and walk the route. This is great. We've also won some races as a team. That's also great. But it's less important.

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People decide to run for different reasons. Some want to shave seconds and minutes from their race times. Some want to be more active and perhaps healthy. Some people just like hanging out with friends and they really don't care about their 5k pace. Notch Running welcomes all of that. Our sense of community is the thing that binds us together, it's the thing we care about most.







Our race team is focused on the USATF Grand Prix! You can find the 2024 schedule here. For information on joining the race team, please submit an inquiry using the form at the very bottom of this page. All people, all paces, are welcome!


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If you have friends who have thought about joining us on a Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, reach out to them! Let them know they are welcome regardless of how long it takes them to get from start to finish. There is no registration process, they just have to show up.

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